About Me

I’ll just get right down to it. Being the owner of this store, formerly Farmhouse Fresh Home, has been a dream come true! I have not only loved working with my customers who many I now call friends, but I have learned so much from all of you as well. I had (and will keep) a section on my webpage stating “I absolutely urge you to reach out and let me know how I can better your shopping experience”. Over the course of 5 years, the resounding response was, “We’d love to see a “Fashion” section added to your store”. Well, you spoke and I listened. Admittedly, the idea of merging home décor with fashion had me a bit reluctant at first, but as the story goes, people do indeed like one-stop shopping. Hence, the creation of LUXE Home and Fashion had begun.

All of my life I have been an enthusiast of all-things home décor but ironically, fashion as well. For some reason, the two seem to run hand-in-hand, am I right?! I started Farmhouse Fresh Home in 2017, wanting to share a handful of my favorite home décor finds with whomever would be interested. Before I knew it, I was carrying over 400 products, my Facebook audience had grown to over 150K followers, 89K on Instagram and I thought to myself, “huh, there are so many people that are loving what I love”. Now I am super excited to share some of my favorite fashion finds with you as well.

As many of you can relate, my taste in style varies, so that’s exactly what you should expect to find when shopping at LUXE Home and Fashion. My motto is, everything in moderation and variety keeps us unique. When it comes to home décor, I particularly like to intermingle styles, from shabby chic farmhouse to au courant contemporary. And I could say the same for my approach to fashion as well. You will oftentimes find me dressed in a whimsical, no-name t-shirt, while carrying a designer-brand handbag. Oxymoron, right?! Nope, it’s just my style! Again, I’m one who simply delights in diversity.

I could go on and on and on with this section but you came to read an “overview”. So, I’ll leave it at this and invite you to reach out, should you have any questions or want to know more “About Me”.