Galvanized Metal 3-Tier Hanging Trays

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Our Galvanized Metal 3-Tier Hanging Trays have so many usage possibilities it's hard to know where to begin. they can obviously be hung in your kitchen to store your fruits and vegetables or opt to employ it in your living or dining room with floral arrangements or candles placed on each layer. It can be used in your bathroom to stow your necessities in style or in your bedroom to showcase decor. The piece is made of galvanized metal and hangs from a large hook.

The top (smallest) tray measures 6.5" in diameter x 1.5"D, while the middle (medium) tray measures 8.25" in diameter x 1.5"D and the bottom (largest) tray measures 9.75" in diameter x 1.5"D. The unit measures 25" total in height.